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This page contains news, event information, and other items added by the market managers. If you would like to have an entry here send the info. via e-mail to the market manager and request an entry be made.

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2014 Muscadine Crop

Early in the spring iot appeared that there was going to be an abundant crop of muscadines. It appears that the spring rains interfeared with pollination therefore the crop is going to be on the light side. The cool, wet spring also has had an effect upon maturity of the berries and their development of sugars. The berries are still wonbderful for jam, jelly, juice, and fermented products. If any persons wish a large quantity of berries it would be wise to contact the Bluebird Hill Berry Farm and let them know your wishes.

2014 Muscadine Crop

The 2014 muscadine crop is progressing nicely. This unique fruit can be used for jam, jelly, juice, wine and many other items. The wet cool July may have slowed maturity but we are expecting a good crop. Color is beginning to show on some of the berries now so maybe it will not be to much longer. is a market that is open almost all the time. If you wish to place an order just go to the site and do so. Delivery and pick-up can be to your liking with several options available.

Have a great browseing session and order placement if you desire.

April Market Opens

Rivervalley.locallygrown is open for your ordering from the producers who are offering items. If you purchase from a producer other than Bluebird Hill please place the order by Wednesday p.m.

Thank you

Rivervalley Market Open

Just a reminder that the market is open for placing orders.

Market News

This first day of Autumn has begun as a marvelous day and hopefully it will end the same.

If you view the market you will realize that the Stutzman’s do not have any products listed as being available. They do not make the trip to Russellville each Friday any longer so it is not feasible to have their products available on the market. We will be working to come up with a solution to the logistics problem and maybe we can have their products available again soon.

Happy shopping

Market is Open

Just a reminder to all users!

This market really never closes but does have a weekly order period. Orders for Friday pickup at the Farmers Co-op must be placed before 9:00 p.m. on a Tuesday.

If you are picking up here at the farm and ordering items from Stutzman’s Pantry the order must be made before the 9:00 p.m. Tuesday time. The 9:00 p.m. Tuesday time is critical for the Little Rock deliveries only if you order from the Stutzman’s otherwise Thursday a.m. will catch a Friday delivery.

Have a wonderful shopping experience.

8/24/2013 Market

The market will be closed next week. There will be no deliveries for August 24, 2013.The market will be back up and running for August 30,2013.

Thank you,

HOT Summer; COOL Items

Yes it is hot but the items available on the market today could make for a cool meal any night during the coming week. Check out what is offered and make your choices.

A Market Time

Rivervalley.locallygrown is loaded with fresh squash, tomatoes and peppers along with eggs and other farm products. Take a look and place your order before Wednesday.

The Market is Open

This is just a reminder that the market is open for your ordering pleasure. Orders for products offered by Stutzman’s Pantry must be ordered before Wednesday A.M. for a Friday pick-up. There is a fresh supply of pasture raised beef available. The vegetables are growing well and will be in the yielding stage before very long.