Welcome to the River Valley Locally Grown Market


All member producers are dedicated to supplying their customers with the freshest and highest quality vegetables, herbs, baked goods, dairy, eggs, meats, fruits, flowers, house, landscape, and bedding plants. Participating producers vary in size and specialty but all carry the common thread of dedication to community, environment, health and education.

This market was developed to give you an opportunity to purchase fresh locally produced products. Most of the Growers are growing their crops in the most agriculturally sustainable manner that nature will allow us here in the South. The Poultry, beef, dairy, and pork products are produced without the use of synthetic stimuli thus making them more healthful for us. The products offered are made or grown by the producer unless otherwise stated in the product description. Each producer sets their own prices and the quantities they have available for sale.

This locallygrown.net e-market connects account holders (customers) with the local food system.


Unlike other co-ops, buying clubs, or BOM’s where everyone gets the same box of stuff (and you don’t know what you’r getting until you get it),with “rivervalley.locallygrown” you get to order what you want, in the quantities you want, from the products that are listed.

The market is open for ordering at all times and pickup can be any day except Sunday between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.


As a customer, there is no ANNUAL membership fee. There will be a 5% surcharge added to each customer order. This fee will be divided between the host location and the market. The market portion is used to support the web site and provide for other items necessary to operate the market. You get an inside look at what is available locally and can get to know the local producer of the products you wish to purchase.

To become a customer you must first create an account. Use caution in doing this since account names and passwords are CaSe sensative. Click on “Your Account” (At the top of this page) and complete the information. Placement of an order in this market creates an implied contract between you and the producer, he agrees to provide and you agree to accept and pay for the items you order.

Bluebird Hill Berry farm is located at 3434 Bells Chapel Rd. E. , Atkins, Arkansas. This is 2.5 Mi. S.W. of Atkins on State Highway 324. In Atkins this road is S.W. 3rd. St.

To arrive here from I-40 at Atkins. Go South on Church St. until you cross the RR tracks. Turn Right at the Stop Sign after crossing the RR then go 2.5 Mi. Farm on Right.

From Russellville, take Hwy. 64 E. toward Atkins. Turn Right on Bells Chapel Rd. W. Turn Left at each of the next two Stop Signs. The Farm will be on your Left after you travel approximately 2 blocks.

If you have any questions please visit the Q & A page or e-mail the market manager by clicking on this link.


First you must create an account. Use caution in doing this since account names and passwords are CaSe sensative. Click on “Your Account” and complete the information. Following this the market manager will contact you. After this contact is made, you may begin entering products.

Becomming a listed producer and offering products for sale creates an implied contract between you and the purchaser of your products. Orders in this market are to be filled in a first come first served fashion. If after the market closes (Tuesday, 9:00 p.m.) and before delivery is made you see you will not have adequate product to fill all orders it is imperative that you remove the items from your order list! If you need further information about this item either call 479.264.0197 or E-mail the market manager by clicking on this link.

As a producer, there is no annual seller fee but you will be charged 5% of total sales to help pay operation costs for the market. The 5% farmer donation is divided between this website (3%) and the market (2%). A market surcharge may be assessed if your unfilled orders are not removed.

If you wish to learn more about this market feel free to contact: Jerry Markham, 479-264-0197 or e-mail the market by clicking on this link.