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Baked Chiles Rellenos

A recipe for the use of chiles as a side or a main dish.

Source: New Mexico State University, Cooperative Extension Service Circular 396. (Entered by Jerry Markham)
Servings: six
Ingredient keywords: peppers, cheese, eggs
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Chile Rellanos

A marvelous dish to use as a side to a main meat dish. Chiles prepared this way are delicious and can be a main dish when stuffed with meat instead of cheese and served along with re-fried beans and rice.

Vegetarian! Vegan!
Source: New Mexico State University Circular No. 396. (Entered by Jerry Markham)
Servings: six
Ingredient keywords: pepper, cheese
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Mexican Beef and Rice

A very easy dish to make when one is needed for those “Pot Luck” meals.

Source: Food and Family, Fall, 2015 (Entered by Jerry Markham)
Servings: Eight
Ingredient keywords: Ground, Cheese
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